Change phone number or Email

I created my account with my person work email for my old job. I dont not have that job anymore, and now im stuck with my personal phone number being attached to this email!! HELP!! what can I do. I will lose access to the email account soon


There is no procedure for changing account credentials.

You would have to create a new account. Phone numbers can be reused only once.

Then remove subscription and payment methods and delete old account within ChatGPT UI, only after the new account is serviceable. Deleting an account makes the phone number permanently disabled for new account creation.

The account would only be in jeopardy for emails required to be received, like account email verification (occasionally sent to some users for unknown reasons) or password change requests. However, a new company owner of the email account could receive that password request.

Wow, this is stupid.

I mean, changing an email address is basic stuff…

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How do I change the phone number on my account? I don’t have that number anymore. Do I have to delete my orgnaiazation?

If you don’t have the phone number any more, and don’t have anything you want to save about the account, you can delete your OpenAI account. However, there is no reason to do so, unless in the future OpenAI were again to use some text message validation to re-authenticate the account, which they currently don’t.

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That was exactly my concern and good to know. Thank you!

Hi colin6, sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds frustrating to be stuck with your personal phone number attached to your old work email. Have you tried reaching out to the support team for assistance? They might be able to help you change the email associated with your account or unlink your phone number. Make sure to explain your situation clearly and emphasize the urgency of the matter, especially since you’re about to lose access to the email account.

That’s wishful thinking, but OpenAI support staff cannot change the authentication method used for an account.