Change login method from google authentication to login and password

I am using the webiste chat openai com, with a premium pass. I authenticated using my Google account. How can I switch the authentication method to login and and password?
(I don’t want to create a new account, as I would loose my premium pass).



I’ve got the same issue. Have you found the solution ?

But this is not going to work, right? They will not see ChatGPT 4.

Is there still no update? I also registered for ChatGPT with access via Google API and cannot log in using just email and password. Why?

I greatly appreciate the service you provide, but I would like to report an issue that is causing significant difficulties in managing invoices. Currently, it is not possible to change the access method, which prevents the person responsible for downloading invoices from accessing the Google account.

This limitation is creating substantial problems for our organization. I kindly request that you consider introducing an option to change the access method, to facilitate administrative and accounting management.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your positive response.