Central Solution for Prompt Building Regardless of Technology - Riku.AI

Hey everyone.

I’ve been working on a project for a while now. I got tired of building prompts and having to copy and paste, open up a new tab and go to a new website whenever I wanted to switch out the model and then wherever I saved the prompt was scattered throughout the internet!

Here is Riku.AI, which of course lets you build with OpenAI, GPT-J, AI21 and Cohere which we see as the big four in this tech currently. We hope to foster a community of passionate prompt builders and enthusiasts and move into datasets and finetuning as we grow.

I know we’re all busy so I won’t babble on anymore but I’d love to answer any questions and if you fancy showing some support, we’re launching today on Product Hunt - Riku.AI - The one stop solution to build custom prompts with AI tech | Product Hunt.




Is it possible to get a signup code?

Hi, I’m excited to try your system especially because I’m curious about Cohere vs. OpenAI. However – and I hope you don’t mind a bit of UX feedback – I went to your website and (1) I couldn’t see any documentation on the home page (essential in my view), (2) I tried to sign-up but nothing happened when I clicked the button, and then I realized that I had to scroll down and pick and plan first (indicating that a free trial was available), so (3) I clicked to pick a plan, but I did not see a free trial option. All this caused me to leave your site. I’d like to try again though, if I can learn a bit about it and try it out for myself. Thanks.