Genie: The prompt management system for your team

Hey OpenAI community!

My co-founder and I have both experienced the difficulty of managing GPT-3 powered tools outside of their codebase and executing analytics on their output in production. That’s why we’ve developed a tool to solve both of these problems.

Our brand-new landing page is now live and we’re looking for beta users to try it out. If you’re interested, check out and sign up to give it a go!

We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have about our project.

Thanks for your time!


Nice! We were just talking about this the other day - prompt management service…

Good luck on your launch!

Thanks a ton Paul! Did you also encounter problems when managing prompts in some of your projects?

No, not personally. It was someone else who was asking about it. You might want to search the forums. I can’t remember the specific thread. Sorry.

I’ll have to give your site a look, though.

ETA: Here you go… I found it…


Thanks a ton Paul! Very helpful!

I’m getting redirected to an unavailable page when clicking on the signin button, is the project still active?


Also curious if it’s still live. Seems like a very good idea

I can’t sign in, can you help me ?
This is what happens when i try signing up

Hey @huda.abo.agour1100! Heiki, the other author of the project here.

Sorry about that. We changed the name of the project and relaunched the same project under the domain

Please try it out and let us know in case you get stuck somewhere :slight_smile:

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