Launched a Prompt Engineering Marketplace

We launched a Prompt Engineering marketplace where you can turn ChatGPT prompts into mini web apps to offer to others who do not know how AI prompt engineering works. It is also a ChatGPT API powered site with discussion boards, general AI education, automated certification, etc.

Check it out at:

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Why is it that you advertise ‘Free prompts’ but have no way to view them without ‘Subscribing’?

Subscription is free.
Also “free” prompts are made by users who are not charging for the prompt runs.
We use ChatGPT API which cost money so running prompts on the platform cost credits.
But if users get free credits to run prompts when they subscribe and also get free rewards that can be converted to credits. Its a market place for prompt engineers so they have a choice to offer their prompts for “free” to use or charge for them. We are encouraging monetizing of prompt engineering to develop this skill to the next level. Hope this makes sense.

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We fixed the issue with “free” prompt details not showing up while not being signed up.

Also, prompts are created by users so their claim about a prompt is their own :slight_smile:

This one was created by me so I ran it again to update the sample data.



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Hi Kabir, how is your marketplace doing? I own a similar service, so you could say we’re competitors :slight_smile: Just curious which country you’re from, and if you feel any regional peculiarities in running this business. For example, I’m from Ukraine.

Since GPTStore launched, we so a huge drop in traffic for CPROMPT.AI which basically was allowing people to create simple web-based prompt apps using OpenAI backend. So we had to pivot and are in the process of releasing a new AI-powered tool. Good luck with yours!

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