Cards declining, billing info all updated and changed - no guidance in any thread has solved it and support will not respond

I am a frequent user since 2022 - I got a new bank card and was trying to update it in my account - it wouldn’t let me. Then my card declined because it was replaced, and I finally was able to update the billing info. However, when I add my new card and billing info, it is declining. I have tried many cards and spoken with all of my banking institutions as well as my company admin. No luck.

I have reached out to support and haven’t heard back. I have built some local tools on my machine that uses the API as well as being a heavy chatGPT user myself - this is extremely inconvenient.

Every article and thread about this issue has suggested: “clear cache/cookies, validate your IP matches your billing info, validate you live where openAI is accessible, confirm with bank, change cards/billing method, reach out to support.”

None of these have worked. Please, someone, for the love of AGI, help me out here.

First, are you currently unable to access your ChatGPT account?
If you cannot access your ChatGPT account, what kind of message do you see?
You should not need a phone number to create a ChatGPT account at the moment.

If you want to create an API key, you will only need to authenticate with a phone number the first time.

Could you please explain the situation for the API key on OpenAI’s platform and for your ChatGPT account separately?

ok - so I can still log into my chatGPT account. When I log in, I see that premium features now aren’t available and there is an option to “restore plus” and “upgrade to plus”. Both of which take me to an order page that decline my card. Let’s restore chatGPT first - the API right now is ok, I just can’t top off my account credits.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 1.32.55 PM

In the case of ChatGPT, does it not redirect to a screen like the one below?

If you are using the payment service called “link,” enter the SMS received on your phone number in the area surrounded by red above.

If not, click below to proceed to the credit card and address input screen.

What kind of error did you encounter here?

This wasn’t it but it lead me to the solution - I failed to grab a screenshot to demonstrate the error but I wasn’t reaching the screen in your provided screenshot (where it asks for a verification code). I was always already logged into my link account. However, as stated in my original explanation, I had received a new banking card and thus the one openAI had on file was now obsolete.

So when checking out, I would attempt to edit those credentials but the boxes to do so were greyed/whited out and not available to enter characters.

The solution was to log into Link - which apparently I did not have an account set up all this time.

So for anyone who comes across this with the same issue the fix is as follows:

    • Go to Link (the payment processing provider)
    • Create an account if you don’t already have one using the email address assoc. with your openAI account
    • Enter your card/payment info + credentials there and save it
    • Log out and back in to openAI/chatGPT and progress to payment
    • Validate you’re logged into the Link account you updated in checkout screen and that your credentials are correct.

In short, the Link integration for the checkout screen is wonky and restrictive and support is far too busy

Also, thank you @dignity_for_all !

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From my understanding, the email address used for the link doesn’t necessarily have to match the ChatGPT email address.

The link is a payment processing service provider and isn’t directly linked to the ChatGPT email address.

However, by default, it is set to the ChatGPT email address.

So, from what I understand, you can use an email address other than the one associated with your ChatGPT account when adding a new payment method. After clicking on “Renew Plus”, then “Manage My Subscription”, you can remove the existing payment method on the screen that appears. You can also add another link account.

In any case, this is not a significant issue.

If this information has caused you any confusion, I sincerely apologize.

I was simply trying to provide helpful information based on my experience, hoping that it might be of some use to you.
I also hope your problem has been resolved.