'Card Denied Too Many Times'

Hoping someone on these forms can help as I’ve gotten absolutely nothing from customer service.

My card was falsely declined several times and even after clearing with my bank (which falsely flagged it in the first place - I had money) my card is now banned.

This is ridiculous. Can anything be done? I spend a lot on this, and now will be unable to invest any further without getting a new bank card or waiting for a measly 50 credits a month.

Has anyone actually talked to someone from customer service or had this issue? It’s been 3 business days.

I’m about to start flipping tables.

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It happened to me the same too. I tried all my credit cards and debit cards in different countries.

Did either of you ever figure out how to be able to enter the card info? All of my cards are being declined as well

I finally got this to work for me. For me, it was that the IP address i was connected to the internet with was far away (a state over) from the zip code on the billing address for the CC. So I think having your IP close to the zip on the CC matters.