Card declined - payment taken anyway - twice!


I am posting here because my messages in Messenger do not get answered, nor do my emails to support.

Last weekend I was joining Chat GPT Plus. Twice I got “Your card’s security code is incorrect” but I got charged anyway - twice - and still no upgrade.

So now I have 2 subscriptions but no access to ChatGPT Plus as the sidebar still invites me to upgrade. I have had an account for a long time with GPT-3 payments made, so I am not new.

Considering my Messenger messages have been ignored, as has my email to support, what is my next step? I want the ChatGPT upgrade - but only one of them!



Hi, I just got the same problem as you did you manage to get support to refund you?

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No, I got a reply after many days but it did not address my actual problem. They just told me to “try again”.

Useless support.

Same here! let’s hope there is a response soon :pray:

i got access to chat gpt plus but i was charged twice for the plan anyone was able to contact them about this problem and got a solution?

Same, I got charged twice, and still no Plus.

They returned the money. Problem is fixed.

Same, I got charged twice, and still no ChatGpt Plus.

Please help to return my money.


Same issue today but how did you do that? did you contact the support?

I have the same problem. I have paid twice but it still offer me to upgrade it to plus. Twice payment and still free mode.

Same here, said my card was declined but I actually paid twice, still not subscribed. Please return me the money.

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The same thing just happened to me. The money was taken for the Plus upgrade, but it said the card was declined and still no access to Plus. It doesn’t seem like anyone has a solution to this. I’ll keep trying with support.

Hey folks, please read our help center article on this: Why am I seeing duplicate charges? | OpenAI Help Center

If you paid for plus but cannot access it, please read more here: Why is my Plus subscription not appearing? | OpenAI Help Center