Card declined - payment taken anyway - twice!


I am posting here because my messages in Messenger do not get answered, nor do my emails to support.

Last weekend I was joining Chat GPT Plus. Twice I got “Your card’s security code is incorrect” but I got charged anyway - twice - and still no upgrade.

So now I have 2 subscriptions but no access to ChatGPT Plus as the sidebar still invites me to upgrade. I have had an account for a long time with GPT-3 payments made, so I am not new.

Considering my Messenger messages have been ignored, as has my email to support, what is my next step? I want the ChatGPT upgrade - but only one of them!



Hi, I just got the same problem as you did you manage to get support to refund you?

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No, I got a reply after many days but it did not address my actual problem. They just told me to “try again”.

Useless support.

Same here! let’s hope there is a response soon :pray:

i got access to chat gpt plus but i was charged twice for the plan anyone was able to contact them about this problem and got a solution?

Same, I got charged twice, and still no Plus.

They returned the money. Problem is fixed.

Same, I got charged twice, and still no ChatGpt Plus.

Please help to return my money.