Can't use the interactive voice chat in the IOS app anymore

My guess is that a lot of people are thinking the voice chat feature is the new gpt-4o audio chat feature and jumped to it, which was probably too much for OpenAI to handle.

It’s probably just gone temporarily until they either find a way to mitigate the huge influx of users, or update it to disclose more clearly that it’s the legacy voice mode and not the new, similar (but better) thing they announced. They probably don’t want people to try it and end up disappointed.

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tks, it work with me, I could practice english right now :grin:

What did you do to make it work please

I registered by other account

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Is voice conversation available for the free users or is it limited?

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I am free user, tks openAI for their supporting :rofl:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i hope it’s a bug so it can work again for me

I hope it’s OK to ask my question in here…
I’m a newbie but saw the demo of GTP 4o and of course had to try it myself.
I’ve subscribed to the Chat GTP plus plan, but how can I talk to GTP like in the demo?
Verbal conversations are possible via the headphone button, but then GTP doesn’t speak as human-like as in the demo. Also, she refuses to sing a song, for example, and using the camera to support the conversation is not possible. Am I doing something wrong or is what I saw in the demo not yet possible?

Same after 17.5 with android still working

According to OpenAI, the GPT-4o voice feature is not yet available. It will be gradually rolled out in the coming weeks/months.


That’s strange because I used the voice feature the other day. However, today I am receiving connection failed notifications, and I’ve seen others posting about the same issue.

I actually asked ChatGPT why this was the case, and it knew: “The listening interactive feature in the ChatGPT app has been temporarily disabled due to unexpected issues that OpenAI encountered. According to OpenAI, this decision was made to ensure user experience and system stability. However, they plan to re-enable the feature soon once they address these problems.”

Also, to my surprise, it can search the web now.