Can't upgrade API Account

So I understand that having an upgrade chat account does not mean you have access to API even though they share the same email account. Fine, but all day today when I try and put billing infomation into the api account to upgrade it. I keep getting slow down I’m putting too many requests.

I know they been having problems last 2 days or is there something else I need to be doing? I’m only submitting the card infomation once and just keeps saying slow down I’m doing too many requests

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I had a similar issue, and I fixed it by buying pre-paid credits.

I paid $5 and somehow the account got upgraded.

Check in your playground, if you can’t see gpt-4-preview-1106 then it probably means your account needs “verification”, funny enough, what they mean is “pay us first”

I feel this would be best addressed by the billing team, and not this forum.