Cant get access to build ChatGPT Plugins

Applied a few times but no email or idea how long the queue is. The struggle is real :frowning:
Is it only available to friendly developers or large corporations. Small startups cant seem to get access to it. ChatGPT is a fantastic product but a little more democracy in approvals please.

I have been waiting for a few weeks now…was one of the first to apply but to no avail.

Also find the 25 messages every 3 hours cap ridiculous. OpenAI really needs to scale faster. I find the excuses of not being able to scale faster a bit ridiculous as they have Microsoft as one of their infrastructure partners and this problem has been around for more than a month now. For coding work having any sort of cap brings down its usefulness

Yeah it feels bad to wait, however I am pretty sure it is not going to be a lot more time, I mean ChatGPT released in November and GPT-4 last month things are advancing pretty fast.