Code Interpreter chatGPT Release

Do you know when it will be published for all users? The plugins are fine, but what is a paradigm shift is the Code Interpreter… do you know anything?


YEs I would like this also - I think using the code interpreter with one or more plugins will be the proper paradigm shift so would welcome access ASAP

It appears that both the code interpreter and DALLE are still in the alpha testing phase and do not open application request available. Compared to browsing, both the code interpreter and DALLE require execution permissions and may require more debugging work.
Let’s be patient and wait for further updates.

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Do you know if it’s accessible if you have a MS for Startups account?

I have been wondering the same thing, I can not wait for its release!

Me too… i want to have it like crazy. I check the mail every hour and the beta features to see if they have given me access… I can’t wait to get the code interpreter

I can understand why you’re all excited, I’m excited to try it too, but it may take some time :laughing:

For a more thorough answer you can check my post here:

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Nothing yet… Waiting is being a torture

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Just like waiting for a courier package, waiting is a kind of torture and a kind of hope. Maybe this process is also very interesting.

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It’s been desperate, im really wanting to try it out now.