Can't add more actions in GUI

Alright. Yesterday I successfully added action for Slack, configured it, tested and it works fine.

Now I’d like to add more actions to search and add issues on Github. However, I don’t see any place to click for it:

The cogwheel icon only allows to configure existing Slack action. I don’t see any “Add action” button or similiar.

I even asked GPT Builder to add such an action, but he updated only prompt and didn’t change anything in action settings.

Am I missing something, or is GUI bugged?

hello if you need to add the functionality to execute actions using gpts…
it is possible if you use the open api 3.0.0 schema for this operations in json.
it will work and i successfully created repo and even communicated with GitHub account…
just you need Github classic access tokens and add that to actions api config as bearer .
hope my response was relevant…

Seems like actions currently supporting only one swagger file. no way to add second one as an action.

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