Adding actions with Zapier

Hey, I’m trying to connect GPTs with different extensions like calendar etc. using Zapier. Could someone explain me why do I see this:

and not as all the Youtube tutorials show, this:

I would greatly appreciate it someone could give me some steps on how do I connect it with Zapier to access calendar in GPTs actions as I’ve read all the documentations already and it doesn’t seem to work :smiling_face_with_tear:

Got a UI update yesterday myself. Before yesterday it looked like the ones you see in the YouTube videos. Now it looks like your first picture.

Seems to be taking the OpenAPI.json specification of an API as input. If you have that available, it’s a copy paste of Zapier’s openapi.json, and the actions will automatically appear below the “Schema” input.

Not sure if you are able to manually input the Actions currently, without the openapi spec - might also just be a temporary UI limitation with the updated UI.

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Yes, thanks! seems like they updated the UI and now I’m able to import everything with a link which wasn’t there before. Thank you:)

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