"Cannot have multiple custom actions for the same domain"

When trying to save my custom GPT I see this error in the console:

"Cannot have multiple custom actions for the same domain"

I’ve only added one domain with multiple (different) actions. Seems like a back-end bug where it’s trying to save a new domain, rather than updating the existing one.

Gizmo id: g-MoIEVFM2O

OK, looking at the request data it does seem like it included all actions twice for some reason. So maybe it’s a front-end bug

Some other tools are repeated too:

I’ve started seeing the same issue today too, it was OK until about three hours ago (or so).


This happens frequently and I think this is defect. My solution to this is deleting actions. After I delete actions it is not giving this error and I am re-adding it with my other changes

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I’m having the same problem and it’s bothering me. Let me try your solution. Hope chatgpt fixes it soon

I also started seeing this yesterday, which is quite annoying.

It appears to happen randomly when making changes. Deleting the actions and adding them back from scratch fixes it.

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The error in the UI is simply “error saving draft” that error comes from digging into the console.

I can’t update my list of actions to call.

Please fix it.

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same issue here. Its stopping me from being able to save any changes to the gpt including being able to remove the openapi schema so im stuck in a perpetual frozen state.

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Experiencing the same. Feels like a FE bug.

I started experiencing the same issue about 3-4 hours ago.

This bug was resolved for me tonight. I was able to delete the duplicate action. (wasn’t showing up before.)


Fix confirmed, it’s working for me now. Thanks!