Plugin developer access but no web browsing and code interpreter

We have chatGPT+, GPT4, and chat GPT plugin developer access but no web browsing or code interpreter.
How do I get access to those models?


Waitlist form has separate option for using plugins and which plug-in you want to use


I just have access to create and submit plugins but no access to test existing plugins. Already on the waitlist for it. Is that also normal?

NVM, just had to sign out and back in to see plugins.

I can see plugins, web browsing, but no code interpreter. I logged out and back in. It’s also not in the settings. It does not appear to be activated under the hood. Workaround?


I’m having the exact same situation. I have access to Browning and plugins but no code interpreter. Very disappointing.

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Hi everyone, I have the plus version, but i cannot see the browsing plugin. It does not show up inthe settings. I can activate plugins, but no browsing. DO I have to wait? Does anybody else have still the same? thanks for some help