Cant access GPT-4 API on Anaconda

You never would want to delete an OpenAI account. Doing so means you can never use that phone number again to create another account.

If you are on a monthly payment plan, that actually is desirable and convenient. That is what is displayed in the screenshot above, a pay-as-you-go (post-paid billing) legacy account, where a credit card has already been entered.

A pay as you go plan can be made eligible for gpt-4 access by actually incurring billing to the card after the end of the month from use (OpenAI currently doesn’t bill for small balances, like under a dollar). After then being seen as a paid user, you will likely get access shortly after.

One can “cancel payment plan”, and then you’ll likely be only offered the ability to buy pre-paid credits, of $5-$50. Once doing so, there is no going back.

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