Can't access ChatGPT from my computer

I have been unable to access ChatGPT website today, whenever i try to reupload the page it ends up as endless loading. If anyone had the same issue before, pleas let me know how to fix that. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, did you manage to get this fixed? Im getting the same error on my pc, but my phone and tablet are working just fine.

bonjour, j ai le même problème depuis aujourd hui avec une version 4

I create a ticket but I think its a genreal problem. A few people report now in the forum and it looks there isn´t a different between free or plus remember

for me VPN was the issue. Previously i used browser VPN extensions and had this problem every now and then. I fixed it by downloading an app (in my case PlanetVPN) and launching it instead.

I I log in but can’t ever get in to the Open AI plus what is going wrong

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Hello please checl out this way and let me know if it works:

Seconded. Issue still occurring 10pm est. I get endless loading.

Same for me. Working just fine on my phone but been getting the loading sign on the PC browser since 3 days ago and the issue remained till now. Really hope there will soon be a fix on this one.

Did you try my login way? I found a way and it works fine for a view users.