Trial quota starting date problem

I recently registered for the API services on September 12, 2023. However, when I attempted to use it, I received a notification indicating that my quota was already exhausted. Upon checking the usage details, I noticed that the $18 trial quota was marked as expired on May 1, 2023, even though I hadn’t utilized it. It’s possible that I might have been added to a waitlist or expressed interest in the API around that time, but I certainly did not activate or use the service until today. I kindly request a resolution to this discrepancy, as I am eager to test and potentially continue using your services.

The three-month trial credit period begins when you first create your OpenAI account. This is even if you only previously engaged with ChatGPT.

The price of API has significantly decreased since the time of 18 dollar credit grants - $1.80 of your purchased credit now.