I hope to extend the time of Free trial usage

Actually I always using chatGPT by browser, and never thought the free trial credits has a deadline.
Now I’m going to integrate API to my web site.

Thanks a lot


Gave us 3 months and “free $$” to try the API, but then only 1 month access to actually use it before zeroing our account. Sorry, but I for one will be spending my time and money helping improve open-source alternatives and telling people not to use this service if this is how they do things here. April the 1st indeed.

ps. we were not informed we had this free trial usage, so i expect many are in the same mindset.

Two days is a ridiculously short time to use the free credits. Openai only gives $18 which turns out to be a lot and goes a long way, but why not give some time to think and use the credits to good effect?


My free trial is expired in very short time.

Should allow users to fully utilise the full $18 credit, not the 3 months expiry.

Was trying the the differents tool that utilize the api ways, and now it just expired.

Really hope openai can change this, so we can better understand the workings,

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I’m in the same situation, but used NONE of my credit. I signed up when the hoopla started, but had no idea there were credits involved and to make matters worse an expiration for the credits. LOL so dumb. Thanks for NOT allowing me to try this.

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What is a rate limit?
I have been terminated in one day, why?

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I tried ChatGpt for a few weeks before I got a Plus customer. Today I liked to start utilizing the API with my 18$ trial credits. But the voucher was expired.
It would be nice to get the 18$. It improves the chance to pay for more.

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I too am having the same problem…

Same here. It is very sad. Please send free credits ftw.

same here. What will be the solution for this

Please provide the solution for this ASAP

I also already wrote the support and signed up for billing. Until now no billing was sent to my account, so I think they are still revisioning the Idea of billing free trials.

I got the Free Trial on the 29th April and it expired on 1st May. Now its the 6th June and I got no Billings for May. So I guess I can continue.