Cannot use "browsing with bing" with the new layout?

This morning, I opened ChatGPT and noticed a new layout update. It now indicates that features like ‘Browsing with Bing,’ ‘DALL-E,’ and ‘advanced data analysis’ are integrated into one unified platform, eliminating the need to switch between them. They are all available simultaneously. However, when I tried to perform a real-time search, ChatGPT informed me that it cannot retrieve real-time information because it is an AI model with certain limitations, etc.


Hi there, got the same problem since the big update. ChatGPT keeps telling me it cannot access the internet, although I use GPT4 with unified features. Is this an issue with the update roll-out?

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I am also having exactly the same problem. Browsing with Bing was working fine this morning but stopped working with the new layout which says it is automatically included and gives access to GPTs . I have a plus account and can see 4.0 fine.

"I’m sorry for any confusion, but I currently do not have the capability to browse the web or access real-time updates. My responses are based on the information available to me up to my last update in April 2023. "
Screenshot 2023-11-08 140918

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Update: Browsing feature within ChatGPT works again here :tada:. Thanks to all who made this possible.

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