Web searching within chatgpt plus not working

I am a plus user, web access not working, i put in following prompt…

can you search the web for weather in new york now?

This is reply i got…

I’m sorry, but I cannot browse the web in real time. However, I can provide general information or answer questions based on my last update in January 2022. For current weather conditions, you would need to check a reliable weather website, app, or local news source. If you have other questions or need information on another topic, please let me know!


I have the exact same issue, no access to browse the internet via the chat UI.
It feels like a new UI update was deployed but without a change to the backend it links to, i also can’t generate images.


Can you browse or generate an image?
I cannot browse the internet or access external databases to retrieve or generate images. However, I can create a text-based description of an image for you, and if you need an original image, I can assist you with ideas and guidance on how to create it using various software tools or techniques. If you're looking for something specific, feel free to ask!
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Same here. Even pdf upload is not working

Same problem here. I can still start a web browsing conversation on iOS app and continue the conversation with browsing capability on web UI.

Having issues with the app as well, new UI but features not enabled yet. On Android

Purchased Plus but ALL of data analysis AND all access requests to external web links fail.

With the tool ‘web browser’ , I got error:

Error browsing

and prompt starting with:

It seems there was an issue accessing the specified URL directly.

Any fix ? I paid the subscription for these services, but all requests fails and seems not legit.

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Having a similar issue. I ask my GPT to search specific URLs. I get an error: “I encountered a technical issue that prevented me from retrieving the information from that site.”

When I aks for specifics, it says it’s a “tool_error” that is causing it. Anyone else?

This used to work, is broken now. Is this a regression? Intentional? Reason why if intentional? Really wish OpenAI folks would weigh in here, this makes GPT Plus way less helpful.