Cannot be sure if this counts as Self Promotion but

I created this solely using AI few months ago!

Now since it requires me to post till hundred words, lemme share my experience while creating it. Initially I asked it for steps to incorporate 3d models as mobs but it straight up messed it up and instead shows moving black dots as mobs and trust me when I say this, for some reason it was lagging my PC.

Then out of options the poor me had to remove the mobs and all it is now is a giant blue cubes. I am also not sure as to why it is totally blue because when I used mobs there were green On top, brown under that followed by grey and black (similar to a classic minecraft map) but after removing the mobs and recoding parts of it this is the final result!

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It’s a start, and you got it to make a block at least :sweat_smile:

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