A custom GPT that builds & deploys a top-down shooter in < 20 minutes, NO-CODE

Hey everyone,

Full disclosure, I built this Custom GPT. I don’t want the system to somehow moderate this post as too advertise-y. But to be clear, I’m sharing this with the community because it’s totally free to use, totally awesome, and I think not enough people know about it.

A little about me, and what I’m trying to do:

I’m a totally bootstrapped, and homeless at present, entrepreneur. I am not price-gouging or over-hyping my tech or business, and am not even currently charging for you to use this GPT or any of its underlying services. Though, of course, one day I must. But what you see is what you get – everything in this video is something you can reproduce right now yourself, using WebGPT🤖 in the Custom GPT Store.

I’ve applied for some grants, been ghosted. Of course am reaching out to some venture and angel funds. That’s a slow, very challenging and competitive process. So in the meantime, could use all the support I can get so I can keep building new features and innovating on our mission to help bring AGI safely and scalably into existence.

You can try the AI-built game here:

Happy to answer any questions you have here.




Pretty neat demonstration. Thanks for sharing. Makes me excited (and slightly scared) for the future of programming and game development.

Good luck in your ventures

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Thanks Ronald. Yeah, my view (from my experience and closeness to this frontier of the capabilities of this tech) is definitely that most programming tasks will be done by machines this time two years from now. The vast majority.

There will still be needs for software engineers, particularly ones that know how to maximize the outputs of these AI-driven agents. But, the number of jobs available and how much more competitive the pool vying for those jobs will be, is going to be a major challenge for humanity to overcome in the short term. It’s going to cause a lot of problems.

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I believe solving this in an economical fashion, and not ending in an endless loop, is the holy grail of SWE bots that we have yet to reach

Tell your WebGPT agent (in the same conversation) that there is a runtime error. It will diagnose it, and solve it, and shouldn’t infinitely loop. If it loops even just twice, tell it to “Activate Pro Mode to solve this runtime error” (that’s our advanced solution to the problem) and I can confidently say it will resolve that runtime error.

(unless the runtime error is something fundamental, like you’ve instructed it to do something explicitly that isn’t supported, like the playing of an audio file or the rendering of some asset – those aren’t compatible with the current p5js implementation of those playgrounds).

See the way it iteratively solves the Runtime errors it the 5:15 mark of this video:

To be clear – WebGPT🤖 has access to your playground’s error logs. It literally can read the errors, and then examine the code it was writing, and find a precision edit to make to resolve them.