Can we re-use assistant created on OpenAI platform?

I have created one assistant on OpenAI platform, and I can test it on my browser, but I cannot access that same assistant using APIs. I am trying to fetch that same assistant using assiatant id, but when I list all assistant ids I am not able to find that exact assistnt which I created on platform.

You need to use an API key that has access to that Assistant.
This can now be finetuned as well by clicking on the API key and selecting the restricted tab. That’s where you can see what access the key has.

An Assistant will not be ‘publicly’ available, only through an API key that you issue.

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Thank you for this answer,
I gave access to all permissions to new API key, and created new API key with explicit assistant permission still I am not able to access it.

Is there anything else I need to do from my assistant’s panel?

But can you see that specific assistant in your dashboard as well?

Yes, I can see that assistant in dashboard, but when I call openai.beta.assistants.list(), I am getting empty list, also I have tried accessing that assistant by ID shown in dashboard, no luck!

You might be using a different API key than you think you are?

Or rather, you might even have two organizations that can be selected from at the lower left of the playground/platform site, with different billing methods even.

OpenAI added a “personal” organization to everyone’s API account at some point, even those that already had a named organization in operation.

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I’m sorry to bother you, but has this issue been resolved? I am facing a similar problem. If I create an assistant on the OpenAI platform (, how can I directly invoke this specific assistant and ask a series of questions, ensuring that all these questions and the assistant’s responses are executed within the same thread, similar to how it works in the assistant playground (

Best regards;

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Hi is your issue resolved?

If you are looking to code something up using the APIs. Check my previous post out. It might give you some idea where to start. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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