Custom Assistant API endpoints

Hello, So I created an Assistant in the playground, NOT A CUSTOM GPT, I was wondering if there was a way to call that specific Assistant which is already created using its ID or something? If I need to hardcode an assistant that is also fine I was just curious since I searched the documentation for hours before I decided to ask this question? Thanks in advance

You only need the assistant_id(id of assistant entity) to use it.

If you really created assistant successfully, use api to fetch your assistant list and you should find it.
If use curl or postman to call directly, don’t forget to include request header Authorization: Bearer {your_openai_apikey} and OpenAI-Beta: assistants=v1

You need to learn how to use the assistant api from official documentation, or you can find some example on this forum.

And, you have to create or find your own UI interface to interact with your assistant, you will use it via calling api.

Assistant API is used in the such flow: create thread, append user message to thread, create run(pass the assistant_id you just created), then wait the run completed, get ai response from thread;s message list.

Assistant API is still in beta stage, and be cautious, seems not ready for production use quickly.

You can view the created assistants via api and make any call to a specific assistant via it’s id.

Here is a project working with Assistants api and making a call to the api to invoke the assistant

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