Can assistants created through the dashboard be accessed via the API?

Hey all! Basic question here:

  • I went ahead and create a couple of assistants in the OpenAI Dashboard
  • While I can use them just fine in the playground, I’m running into a “No assistant found with id ‘asst_Y66…’” error when I try to access those same assistants via the API
  • Should I, in theory, be able to access these assisants through the API? Or is this a case of “Only Assistants created through the API can be accessed through the API”?

I’ll answer my own question!

Yes, you can access Assistants created in the dashboard. In my case, my issue was that I needed to provide my organization alongside my API key when I was initializing the OpenAI client.

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this is my code for using GPT-4, now i want to to include the assistant 'asst_A15 … ’ into this code, where exactly i tape it and how ?