Can the ChatGPT Team Owner Account Be Exempt from Occupying a Seat?

Hello everyone,
I’m inquiring about possibly setting up an owner/manager account for a new ChatGPT Team subscription without having that ‘manager’ account take up a seat.
This arrangement would be ideal for maintaining a business management structure with elevated permissions within the organization while simultaneously freeing up a seat that could be allocated to an employee.
Thank you so much!

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I do not have a ChatGPT Team account so can only infer from the official documentation.

In reading, What is the difference between different roles on my ChatGPT Team workspace? it notes 3 users but the names are Member, Admin and Owner.

In reading, What is the process of adding, changing, or removing members to my team’s ChatGPT Team workspace? it shows how to change the role of a user as an owner.

It seems that it is possible to change the second user to a Member based on how I interpret your question.

Please correct me if this is wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, but my question is about the first user.
He will surely be the owner, so he will be able to manage the workspace, add other users as members and, in case, promote them as admin (or transfer the ownership, I suppose). He will be in charge of the economic management of the account (more seats, more costs)
But my question here is:
Can the first user (the owner) not have access to Chat GPT?
I want him to have only a management role (like a company supplier office) without using the service.
So the two seats will be used for two real employees without wasting money.
I hope that it is more clear now.

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Thanks for clarifying. That was so out of anything I considered it did not cross my mind.

As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

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You definitely deserve one! :slight_smile:

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