Can not open generated hyperlinks in desktop browser

I’ve built a small web application that creates flashcards from answer=value pairs that are passed in the URL. The idea for this was to allow ChatGPT to generate sets of questions and answers on various topics, and present a set of custom flashcards to the user as a hyperlink.

This fully works as intended on the mobile application, however on desktop the hyperlink is not clickable.

It seems like something in the desktop web UI is stripping the link out of the message. If we click copy, we can copy the message and see that the URL is in fact generated.

If we inspect, we can see that the ref is blank:
<a target="_new" rel="noreferrer">Click here to view the flashcards</a>

It looks like some automated check:*conversation_id_goes_here*/url_safe?url=*placeholder_not_actual_url*

Which returns:
safe: false

Specifically, it seems like it doesnt like the URL parameters:
Safe = true:
Safe = false:

My site is just a simple github page, nothing super weird there. The question remains, why does this work on the mobile application but not desktop? Seems like a bug.