Can not change a GPT icon?

I created a GPT and want to change icon.

There are two options: Upload Photo and Use DALL-E 3.

“Upload Photo” doesn’t work for me (maybe a bug) and “DALL-E 3” would change instructions.

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Same problem here. I’ve tried uploading a PNG and JPG with a 1:1 ratio.

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I’ve also tried webp with no success (ironically from dall-e 3 as I don’t like the automatically generated options!)

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EDIT: I tried uploading an image via the “Create” chat. While it looked like this was working, it didn’t persist with the GPT… :cry:

Within the Editor

When interacting with the GPT

I tried your suggestion, and while it uploaded and displayed the image while in the configuration mode, it didn’t seem to save (even though I saved the GPT). However, it would seem the standard way for uploading an image now works properly for me.

Doesn’t work for my account too. No errors it just doesn’t work. Is it related to the overload?

I didn’t work on my account, then it did, then it didn’t.
Yes, I think it’s an overload issue.

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The problem persists. I created a new GPT and was successful at uploading a thumbnail, but it did not save it. When I select to upload an image again, the upload doesn’t occur after selecting the image file. I am shown a broken image GPT text, and if I select DALLE then I cannot replace that image with my own character image.

I confirmed a workaround from another thread:

Yes, the create + upload works:



ChatGPT: It seems you’ve uploaded an image. How would you like to proceed with this? If you’re looking to update the profile picture of the GPT, I can assist you with that.

User: update my GPT image please


The profile picture of the GPT has been updated successfully. If there’s anything else you’d like to modify or any assistance you need with the GPT, feel free to let me know!

It’s December 26, and the issue persists. Many others are experiencing this. I’ve tried DALLE with horrible results ‘generating’ images from the one I use across our brand. The GPT generates great answers from content in our corpus, but all the users are seeing a broken profile image. Sad.

This worked for me (for an existing GPT where I was not otherwise able to upload a new image file to replace the icon):

  • Go to the Create option for the existing GPT;
  • upload the image you want to use (just drag it in to the chat);
  • add the prompt “Let’s use this file image for the icon”.
    I hope this works for others too.

I tried and it worked for a minute before giving me an error symbol

This error persists.

@logankilpatrick Any chance you can help us, please? It’d be great to solve it before the Store launch.

Hi. In my case, I changed my browser from Brave to Edge and it seemed to work fine.

Tried again today and lo and behold, it worked! Thanks to everyone involved.

Is anyone else still having this issue? Every time I update my GPT icon, it disappears after about 30 minutes. I have tried on 5 different browsers.