Can I use Open AI credits on Azure?

I got the $2500 credits to use on OpenAI api calls.
I also got approved for Azure OpenAI and now I would like to use the credits through Azure.
Is that possible or does the credits have to be used on api call to OpenAI directly?

The trial grant is specifically in the OpenAI system, as you can review on your “usage” page.

Microsoft has its own trial for ML services, but doesn’t specifically include the pay-per-use Azure OpenAI services. Two different companies.

One interesting obscure caveat is that your OpenAI monthly hard limit is unlikely to be increased without a payment history (actual charges billed to your card), and there is no way to temporarily “turn off” the trial grant, so the big-looking number is doled out at $120 per month (expiring after a year) until your API account is disabled for the remainder of the month, actually preventing you from advancing to enterprise tiers of usage on the OpenAI trial account.

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