Can I still apply to get $2500 credit?

Thank you so much! We are applyting for the microsoft credit , can we still have opportunity to get it?

I am curious what kind of programs are you talking about?


I am fully aware of the credits, but I would like to know if you remember or have a link to the latest news about the created title.

Today I am away from my son and decided to return to the forums. I’ve tried searching Google, Bing, and Yahoo search using various combinations of terms and criteria.

Regarding your question, my contribution to the post is that in the scenario with a limited number of tokens in your title and content, I couldn’t find good examples to suggest. Even though I started reading the post thinking I could provide better help in some way.

Out of the 3 combinations of keywords in your title, narrowing down to 3 keywords in the last part, none brought official links from OpenAI.

On the forum, if you use the main terms from your title, we currently have about 18 items. For example, if you search ‘Search results for 'Credit startup' - OpenAI Developer Forum’, I added ‘startup’ because it’s associated, but you can add ‘&2500’ or ‘apply’ or the whole sentence. I only tested a few.

There are interesting scenarios like hackathons, in a general sense (for all contexts, not just OpenAI, IA, and ML). For example: ‘OpenAI hackathon’ and ‘OpenAI Stack Hack’ (suggested search keywords for SERPs: ‘openai hackathons,’ ‘OpenAI credit hackathons,’ ‘OpenAI $ credit hackathons’)."

Let me know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

I had the same doubt as @thanh_quach

did it work? how?

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