Can I share a plus account with family?

I ask out of concern from an ethical standpoint, not a technical one. Would it be ok to share an account with siblings?

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I was wondering similar and would like to share ChatGPT plus with nephews.

Also the possibility to give it as a birthday present with a one month, 3 month or 12 month option.

It’s easy to see that these types of subscriptions could compete with popular options such as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Steam as a gift. Consider what an adult might prefer to give as a gift.

Donating ChatGPT Plus or a similar subscription to schools would be a thoughtful gesture.

OpenAI markeing team, are you seeing this?

You will be responsible for any inappropriate requests to ChatGPT by anyone who uses your account, so is it worth it? Simply ask them to create their own accounts.

My siblings will use it for school/work, so I trust they’ll use it properly.
To answer your question, yes it’s worth it.