What GPT do people use for writing emails?

I write a lot of emails for work. It would be nice if I can use ChatGPT to write emails. I have been using the following GPT to write my emails. With 100,000+ usages and a 4.4 out of 5 average rating from 1,000+ users, this Email GPT works well.

However, I only searched “Email” in the GPT store to find this Email GPT, so I haven’t really searched deep in the GPT store. I would love to know if anyone else has found some good GPTs for writing emails.

I would recommend using your own GPT.

You can feed it some of your own emails as “few-shot examples”. Hopefully picking up on your personality. You can even discuss the end-goal of the email.

Receiving a ChatGPT generated email is a slap to the face and it’s becoming more and more easy to catch them. You need to sprinkle some personality in there. The transition between your GPT generated emails and your own should be unnoticeable.

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So I use the above GPT to create the base of my email. Afterwards, I edit some wording to make it sound more like I wrote it (adding some of my own personality). It’s much more efficient than writing from scratch.

I tried to create my own GPT in the past, but my GPT did not work so well :sweat:. Maybe it’s just that I am not that good at prompt engineering, but the quality of the email was better using the Email GPT that I mentioned above. I would love to know what other GPTs people use for emails.

I do what @RonaldGRuckus recommended and I use my own CustomGPT, trained on my business as a personal assistant, for writing emails. It’s my buddy.

:man_shrugging: Include a detailed prompt and examples of what you do and do not want in your cGPT Instructions and Knowledge Base.