Getting the ai to send me an email

I cant get the ai to send me an email, I looked at an older answer where it was mentioned there were some obscure way to get it to do so. Sadly I was not able to figure it out, and the old post was from 2021, things may have changed.

Why cant the ai send an email?
Is it possible to open it up to sending emails?


Wouldn’t it need to connect to an email server in order to do that? If you’ve managed to do that already, apologies!

Open AI has never offered this option out of the box. It is possible, but it would take a fair bit of coding in the integration of several systems on your own server or backend.

It claims to be connected to a email server, but then again it also claims to be able to send emails. So I guess it doesn’t know its own abilities. A shame it cant send emails out of the box. Thanks for the help people :slight_smile:

Ahh, I see what is happening. In order to trust what an LLM says, one must set up a meta prompt with human fact checked information.

So if you first tell it what it is, and what it can and cannot do (based on your own knowledge), then it can be quite truthful.

ok, couldnt the people posting on this site have done that? rather confusing for newbies :slight_smile:

The only scenario where you would want that is if you were using the language model as a chatbot (that knew it’s limitations as a language model based chatbot).

The majority of the ways that people are currently using GPT3 differ from the above use case, so you would not want that information pre-baked into every single prompt.

I think what you might be missing is that your assumption is that this is just a chatbot. In fact it is much more than that.

well I was hoping to see what its abilities are in terms of programming. So I wanted it to send me the programs it wrote when it finishes them. About the chatbot side, it is very good at doing that, its rather impressive what probability calculations can achieve given enough training examples.

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Be full extent of its coding capabilities are realized in the codex model. You will need to sign up for that one and wait some amount of time until they accept you into the beta testing. GPT3 out of the box also has decent coding capabilities, but codexs is much better.

Any code that it writes will be immediately available to you, you do not need to wait on it. IE will be able to cut and paste it directly from the playground

It also claims it can blend fruit for you if you ask it to

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