Can a complete coding n00b build an app with GPT-3?

Hi all,

Nervous to post this, but I’m a complete noob to programming and I want to learn. I’m looking for resources on building an app with GPT-3. Here’s my situation:

  • Not a developer, though I’ve worked with devs for over a decade and written documentation for them
  • So I know what an API is
  • I’ve done introductory courses in Perl, Python, and a bit of Javascript, so I know basic programming concepts
  • Never built an app on my own before
  • Willing to work hard to learn how to do it

Are there any resources online for someone like me? I’m serious about wanting to learn the following:

  • how to create a super basic front end (just for a proof of concept)
  • setting up a server and using it to store whatever data (I don’t even know what goes there)
  • training the model
  • handling authentication and account provisioning

I’ve been able to interact with the API from the command line, but that’s about it.

One idea I had is to ask one of my developer friends to coach/tutor me in this process. LMK if you think that’s my best option.

Thanks for not judging me :slight_smile: and for any resources you can provide.



I am working from a similar background as yours, and am also not a dev. Poking around and asking questions, the low/no code application builder Bubble is what was suggested to me.


Thanks for mentioning and insights I still need to work a lot with saas101 and yes @melanie.seibert you should start working but if you are completely new and just wanted to put your product out fast as possible go with no code tools but have time use my repo as base and ask me any questions I help you


Hey @melanie.seibert, I’ve written a book called Exploring GPT-3 that I hope will help get new coders get comfortable building apps that leverage the OpenAI API. The book is complete now, but the publisher is holding off on publishing it until GPT-3 is out of beta. However, you can use this link to get a copy. Exploring GPT-3 Book Review.

I’m 100% sure anyone willing to invest a bit of time can start building real-world solutions without any prior programming skills. You can do this!


Just download the book


hey book is really detailed love the way you present stuff, try my best to read and give feedback to you


Oh, I just started playing with Bubble. Thanks for the suggestion! Glad to see other non-devs here. :slight_smile:


Great point. I don’t think you’re being judgmental, just honest. I guess I’m thinking of learning to be a “real” developer. I know that takes time, and I’m good with that—but would prefer not to have to go back to a 4-year college and pay tuition for a CS bachelor’s degree.

Thanks for the resources, those look awesome!


Oh also, I’d love to partner with a dev but the ones I know just roll their eyes when a buddy says, “Hey, I have an app idea!” And I don’t want to be that guy. lol


Awesome, will do! Thank you.

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I can’t get past the “a few more things before getting started” page. I don’t have a linkedin account. Suggestions, other than creating a linkedin account?

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Thanks so much, @itsanishjain. Your feedback would be very much appriciated!

Hey @obeydesign,I don’t think that’s a required input but if so, just make one up like - I think that will let you in.

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Thanks. I couldn’t remember the linkedin user form.

…no, I still can’t get past that page. Very mysterious. My github name is obeydesign, and my twitter handle is obeydesign1. I even tried changing the location dropdown, but it just loops back to that page, with no error message or other information.

So, I input all my information from the “main” signup page, and that worked. Maybe there’s an error on the other page.

Okay, so you’re in now?

Yes, I’m in and was able to download the file.

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The irony when GPT-3 can do that :slight_smile:


Well, in a way we all react to some sort of prompts :slight_smile:
I’ve seen weirder things come out of an unrelated input, but on the other hand, I guess I can’t really call GPT-3 unlearned :relaxed:

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