Building GPT3 apps with Bubble

Hey fellows,

I’m building my first GPT3 powered app using bubbleio, for the main reason of convenience, fast prototyping and customization.

I know there are literally 0 tutorials on how to integrate the two, how to call the API from bubble and also how to add the content filtering on top of that. It took me a while but I figured it out.

I’d like, if there are others out there, who pursue the same goal, let’s connect and help each other.


Hi there, there are a few tutorials for building GPT3 apps with Bubble, e.g.


I’ve seen them all, it’s basic stuff. Thanks.

Hi Cristi,

Myself and a friend of mine who also has access to GPT3 are just starting out and also building in bubble. I’d love to connect with you on it?

We’re currently meeting once a week for accountability and support

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Ok, I’m on twitter @cristivlad25

Hi, we have built our software with Bubble + GPT-3, if you have any question, we can connect on twitter too @SarahAllali7

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I think that depends of what you want to build using GPT-3 (?)

Anyway there is actually a few general tutorials on youtube :
Or : stepocampbell - YouTube

Just got my access a few days ago, I am building a vocal dictation App and using GTP-3 to generate the voices of the teachers after one sample record.

I can make a youtube video when it’s ready.

You can meanwhile hit me on twitter: @fastnd_curious

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Hey cristi,

If you’re still looking, I created a tutorial that takes you step by step on creating a GPT3 app with Bubble - from integrating the API to setting up limits and payment. It’s the same exact steps I used to create and sell a GPT3 app about a month back. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.


Thanks, however I learned what I needed to know through trial and error. Probably the best, though longest.


could not have said it better! :smiley:

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I’d say it depends… in some cases a simple youtube tutorial can save you from insanity but on a whole I couldn’t agree more. (btw. learned the bubble integration by myself too)

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Can you outline the steps you did to integrate it, please?