No-code GPT-3 builder

Hey everyone!

I built(/am actively building) a No-code GPT-3 workflow creator, so that you can build your own versions of popular GPT-3 tools without coding. I wanted to show it off here and get some feedback from you! You can find the splash page at but if you’d like access just dm me!

The idea behind the tool is to make building with GPT-3 a 10 minute process rather than 2+ days
(see this tweet = 2 days of building)

The tool is largely inspired by the game - which is an awesome factory builder.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for the tool - as I feel like there are tons of directions I could take it, but not sure where to spend my time.

Thanks for checking it out and I look forward to any comments you can give me below!



Good luck with the tool! I DMed :slight_smile:

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Good job. I’d like to try it. DMed.

Nice stuff, look very promising! Would like to test it out, I registered in the waiting list.

This is pretty awesome dude, whenever the site give me the ability to dm, I will definitely request access, for now, I’ve just joined the waitlist on the website!