Build a Complete GPT-3 Knowledge Base App in Node.JS

The final chapter of the book Exploring GPT-3 walks-through building a web app that lets users ask questions which get answered from documents that GPT-3 derives the answers from. I just shared the code on GitHub along with a 2-minute tutorial video (below) that steps through getting the code working. The goal was to provide a simple but complete GPT-3 powered application for learning but I’ve tried to cover everything that would be required to get through the OpenAI review process (like rate-limiting, content filtering, etc). If this is helpful at all, please let me know and I’ll plan to create more examples. Thanks!


Hi @stevet
Thanks givings for your sharing of knowledge. It’s a very useful contribution and I am grateful for it.

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Thanks so much for the kind feedback, @Datasculptor! It’s very encouraging to know that it’s helpful.

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Thank you so much for this post - it’s the reason I joined the community. I struggling to build two major projects on the blockchain side of the internet therefore this spotting this post was simply Devine. I will follow your future post as well as the archives on Javascript/node.js therefore anything regarding script strategies and events - please do share! MUCH LOVE FROM NEW ORLEANS!

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Hey @Spoonman thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you found the post helpful. I’m actually also working on a blockchain project at the moment although not GPT-3 related at all. I’m pretty much heads down on the blockchain project at the moment but I’ll be sharing more GPT-3 stuff. I also authored a book Exploring GPT-3 which provides a lot more code examples. You can find that at: Exploring GPT-3: An unofficial first look at the general-purpose language processing API from OpenAI: Tingiris, Steve, Kinsella, Bret: 9781800563193: Books - Also, if you have questions you can also ping me on Discord here: Exploring GPT-3 - Thanks again for the love from NEW ORLEANS!

Wow, super helpful. Thanks. Leslie

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Brilliant really impressed

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You’re very welcome, Leslie! Thanks for the comment.

Thanks, James! I’m glad you like it.