Builder profile doesn't me a TXT record for my domain

Hi everyone. I have a functioning GPT but it’s stuck in draft mode (I’m a plus user in Germany). I’ve read the docs, but the options they show aren’t available. For example, when I try to validate my domain, I see this message:

To verify ownership of , navigate to your DNS provider and add a TXT record with this value:Then, check the record to complete the verification.

i.e. it doesn’t give me the TXT record. Baffled

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Welcome to the community!

seems to be a common issue:

These things come and go. Sometimes hard refreshing your browser might help. Logging in, logging out, etc. Sometimes you need to wait a bit. For some things a VPN works. It’s fiddly or downright broken sometimes. :frowning:

Hi. I just figured mine out. When you put the domain in to be verified make sure you do not include the https:// part of the URL. So for example: not:
worked for me. Let me know if it works for you

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@esl is correct. The same thing was happening to me. Remove the https://