GPT-3 Sandbox -> new community project 🤝

Hi Everyone!

We are the co-authors of a GPT-3 based book that aims to be a go-to manual for API users. The aim of the book is to provide the readers with the knowledge to get started with GPT-3 as well as the context of the growing ecosystem surrounding it. The book will be released by O’Reilly in early 2022.

As part of the book resources, we’d like to introduce you to GPT-3 Sandbox - an open-source project to enable anyone to turn their GPT-3 app ideas into reality with few lines of Python.

GPT-3 Sandbox is built on top of Streamlit that takes care of hosting the endpoint and allows to create interactive UI for the web application all in Python.

This is a community-driven initiative and we’d love your support and contribution. We have prepared already an example email generation app that anybody can use via the sandbox repo.

We’d love you to give the Sandbox a look and give us feedback / come up with more templates for applications.

Github repo: GitHub - Shubhamsaboo/kairos_gpt3

Introductory video series:

Example app:

Also here are our LinkedIns - feel free to connect with us! :blush:


Sending our v best,
Sandra & Shubham


This is exciting! Great work


Thank youu :pray::pray: Hope it will be helpful :crossed_fingers:


Yesterday we had a great chat together with @shubhamsaboo and @m1 about the book and the sandbox at DLL #4 GPT-3 hackathon by Nextgrid, you can check out Twitch stream here :art::heart: