nodeJS AI QA Bot using lanchain-js (Open Source Example)

I wanted to share a simple example of using langchain-js, chromadb and OpenAI/ChatGPT to question and answer a pdf. A lot of these examples were in python so I thought this might help someone.

I hope this helps someone!


Thanks for sharing with us. I hope your week is going well!

You’re very welcome Paul! I will try to do many things and share as much as possible.

GitHub - realrasengan/ Control your macOS computer using only your voice. - Here is an example controlling macOS with just your voice, Whisper and OpenAI ChatGPT!

GitHub - realrasengan/vtphonehome: Just talk instead of typing on macOS powered by OpenAI Whisper and just bash. - Here is one just for voice dictation on macOS!

Incase this is helpful to anyone, it is a script that simply extracts or { } json from replies incase the AI doesn’t respond with ‘only’ json for example.