Bring GPTs into any conversation in ChatGPT


I’ve been a ChatGPT plus subscriber since the beginning. When I type an @ at the start of the message in ChatGPT Web, I don’t get a list of GPTs to include. I have created a few I’d like to try.

Is it still rolling out? Is there an option I need to enable?

Thank you

Hi Doug! I believe it’s rolled out progressively across the user base.

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Mine can do it. They can do a lot of thuings that have been “rolling out” sometemes the rollout startes the day after i impliment them. Lol

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Thanks, I thought maybe. I’m in NYC and folks living 20 miles from me have it.

I’ll sit tight for now.

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I have it, but sometimes it doesn’t activate immediately.

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I’m from Europe and it’s available. Most of the time, we’re the boys 'n girls at the end of the waiting line for new features, but there it is :-).

Side question: I guess I am unable to reference GPTs in a Custom GPT Instruction, is that correct? There’s no list when entering @ so 1 +1… :slight_smile:

Hi Doug!
I believe they are refining it little by little. In my experience I noticed 2 things:
1 - It worked normally when I used it by inserting a GPT in a conversation started with a Customized GPT. In the Conversation with GPT-4, it was also possible to use and insert others as “GPT Mentions”, but they entered the Chat without knowing what was happening and in other previous conversations.

2 - Another point, I believe this is not your case, but if it helps, note whether the Browser Translator is activated, if so, the mentions actually stop.


Thank you. Don’t have the translator active. I did try from the gpt4 chat and in my custom public GPT. I did not get a list.

I’m guessing it is still rolling out.

The odd thing is I’m in Manhattan, NY and folks over the bridge in Brooklyn have access.