Blank page at the login of the chatgpt

I am not able to login at the ChatGPT as its showing blank page. I have already cleared the cookies and cache, still the problem exists.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve cleared cookies and cache. I’ve tried different browsers. When I click the login button, I get a blank screen.

Same error here tried the clearing cache & cookies incl. multiple browsers, restarting computer.

very frustrating.

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This happens to me last week and again today, this is not really acceptable for a paid for service.

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same here, this has been going on for days. I’ve had to use Bard since then.

The inconvenience experienced by certain users is certainly frustrating.
Fortunately, I have not yet encountered such serious problems with logging in, but we may need to be prepared to deal with alternative services in case we cannot access ChatGPT.:disappointed_relieved:

I have the same issue for over two weeks and have attempted everything suggested.

It works on my mobile Android device.

If I can’t resolve this by next week I will be looking at cancelling my subscription until it is resolved.


Same. If this goes on for a couple weeks, then I will just cancel as well.

There is no sense in paying for a service I can’t use.

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I’ve been using, but has anyone found a solution to this? Maybe canceling subscriptions should do it!

I am also experiencing the same thing. The weird thing is that some days it works, somedays i get same blank page problem again. It still works on my phone and my private laptop. Today i have also tried logging in using my colleague’s laptop (same company, same IT system) and there was no problem at all!

I am not able to login at the ChatGPT as its showing blank page. I have done everything, tried different browsers. But every time is shows blank page. How to resolve it.

+1 , restart, clear all browser data, chrome, arc, safari . only see unformatted GetStarted page, Login/Signup. I am using a pro subscription. frustrations…

Same for me. I get a white screen no matter what device I login to. I’ve not been able to use ChatGPT since email varification.

I am also having the exact same issue - what’s going on? I am a subscriber and will cancel if I don’t see a reply by Monday

Me too, as a long time paying subscriber, I’m disappointed. I’ve changed browsers and connected to the internet and it doesn’t work

White screen of death for me as well, across both Chrome & Microsoft Edge. Cleared cookies, restarted etc. nothing seems to clear it. Poor service - time sensitive delivery means I have to use a different solution.
Give users a fix that works.