Billing Issue, Couldn't pay the invoice

Hello there, Since a week or two ago I started facing some strange issue in paying a bill.
I have been paying for my API usage.
The credit balance system came and I charged 20$ dollars into. Even with the credit balance system, there is still due bill of 10.04$, an error appeared pointing that my usage is suspended till I pay the 10.04$
my current credit balance is $18.75
the card I pay with is debt card, its the same card I payed for the credit balance with
The support team did not fix my issue
the message i get when trying to pay is “Oops! We couldn’t pay this invoice, please report this issue if it persists.”

any help is appreciated.


This seems like an issue that should be best directed to OpenAI support. Did you you just get the error message when attempting to pay or did you reach out to them via the Chat widget on the developer platform?

Here’s a link to some other things you can consider trying to get the payment issue resolved. However, if the issue persists your best bet is to reach out via the support channel.

I hope it gets resolved.

Thank you for your reply, Yes I did reach out to them and they mentioned that I should not use a prepaid card, And I tried with debt card and the issue is the exact same. I literally just paid them with the same card but they do not let me pay the due bills with it.

Sorry to hear. As this is an account-specific issue, there’s nothing more we can do here in the Forum unfortunately. I hope though you’ll find a solution.

Payments into the credit system will not pay off the monthly bill that is still outstanding. Credit will only be employed for future use. The monthly bill will still come for the usage that accrued before there was a balance to draw from.

(or they first had the opposite, if you “switched yourself” by removing the monthly billing, then any payments immediately went to paying the balance, and if large, you couldn’t pay enough per day to make it positive and use the API).

Hello there, the issue has been resolved by the support team and the bill was paid by them successfully. thank you everyone.

the issue was resolved by the support team, however my case was that I can not pay the due invoices. I tried to by with different cards and it just throws an error message whenever I try to pay. thank you for your reply