BARD can access links, while ChatGPT-4 cannot

although I pay $20 monthly, ChatGPT -4 cannot provide me with information about products on the Internet. For example, I gave him links to 4 food supplements, from several sites, and asked him to recommend the best of them, value for money, to combat a certain condition.

I always have to use BARD to help me in this regard, because ChatGPT-4 is not allowed to access links to products on AliExpress or other shopping sites. I really don’t understand why?!

I mean, I specifically decided to switch to GPT-4 so that I can access links. I need to make comparisons between products, I am a doctor in the making, I want to inform myself about certain products, their quality, etc. How to do this if GPT-4 cannot access links?

See the message:

Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to access external links, including those from e-commerce sites such as AliExpress or other online stores. Therefore, I cannot directly evaluate the content, quality or effectiveness of the supplements mentioned in the links you provided.