"! Authorization error accessing plugins" - ScholarAI?


As of this morning when I try to use GPT4, with plugins - I receive the following error “!
Authorization error accessing plugins” and nothing can be processed.

I have refreshed, loged out and logged back-in and toggled different plugins but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Best regards.

Edit to add: a search did not throw up anyone else suffering the same issue. I now appear to have narrowed it down to the ScholarAI plugin that was enabled.


I have got the Same situation.Did you get any solusion?

Same problem here, any update on the topic?

I hade the same problem with plugin ChatwithPDF. I uninstalled the plugin and I clicked to install again. It was opening a new window to login to my account for ChatwithGPT. I did this and now the problem has gone. I don;t know if the problem is simlar to your plugins


Same here, I disable the ScholarAI and Scholarly Graph Link and enabled Litmaps and Science and the error went away.

just uninstall, and reinstall, it will direct you to an authentication page, authenticate and everything should be back to normal

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I did this…but did not get to an authentication page (and I am a PLUS member)

Can you guys a provide a screenshot of the problem or error message? So that i can escalate to the team.

I have the same problem too. Disabling scholarAI removes the error. I wonder if there is an alternative to scholarai.

This is not a screenshot but there is not much more to it. It is in a pink box with rounded corners:

Authorization error accessing plugins

Hi Dragonite,

Screenshot below - please don’t read too much into the prompt. :rofl:

You can see i have both WebPilot and ScholarAI enabled. I can confirm other ‘chats’ with WebPilot only enabled are now working fine.

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Same error often. For anyone else, I find logging out and back in can make it work some of the time for a short period. Very annoying. Getting close to canceling.

It doesnt gave me any error when i write the same thing as you did @siq

Here is my assumption. That particular plugins now requires email verification.

Maybe try uninstall and reinstall again. See if that works. or reverify your email address.

Even chatwithPDF plugin also asking for authorization

FYI - Hi, to add greater context: I receive the error from any plugin I try, from different PC’s and I have logged in and out several times.

@hello28 Uninstall all the plugins and reinstall again.

I also met this problem.
I uninstalled and reinstalled ScholarAI. During the installation, I need a verification code from my email. After login, this issue disappeared.
I guess this error is caused by a lack of login to ScholarAI, which need a verification process.