Apple Shortcuts Automation using Notes and API call

Apple Shortcuts Automation using Notes and API call.

Hey im trying to make simple automation but I’m beginner and I don’t understand correctly how it’s working with “Shortcuts”. Is it someone who can help me with that?

My automation target:
I would like that when a note from the built-in “Notes” application for IOS (no matter what name) appears in iPhone Notes in the “GPT IN” folder, it is to be downloaded, processed, sent to ChatGPT for analysis and then updated according to the instructions (included in the note ) and moved to the “GPT OUT” folder

Thanks In advance.

Welcome to our dev community.

Are you talking about the Apple API?

More about using „Shourcuts” to build simple „Task Note” which i could use to make fast text-task from my iPhone using POST method for API call to Open AI. Include automation to save notes.