Recalling ChatGPT Message Threads


I am looking to create an Apple Shortcut for blog ideas.

I would like the API to recall certain message threads that I have trained in ChatGPT for each category.

For example I have this setup currently:

Blog Post Topic: Garden Tips

WhenI run the short cut it will ask me “what’s the garden tip you’d like to write about” it then adds 5 different title options and a bullet point outline for the blog.

The problem with this is I want memory recall. For when we write multiple YouTube scripts or blogs. I would like each category in its own thread and when I run the shortcut it goes to that message thread in ChatGPT. There must be a way to do this no?

Keep in mind I’m no coder and have very basic knowledge around this stuff haha

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This should be the first statement in your post.

There’s no API for ChatGPT, so there’s no programmatic way to access your existing conversations.

You can likely replicate this using the API, but it will require a good amount of coding.

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