Access Terminated. Trying to Appeal


I received an email today stating that my access had been terminated and if I wanted to appeal this by contacting the Help Center if I believed this was done in error. (I’ll include a screenshot of the email.)
When I went to the help center, I messaged in and was told by the bot that someone would reach out to be in regards to this issue. But now I am trying to log back in again to see if there has been an update to the message and I cannot log in.
Can someone please get back to me in regards to this? Please and thank you.


Let’s follow up there.


I was somehow able to get back into my OpenAI account and see the original messages. And I sent another to the correct message bot, now I am waiting for a response.
Fingers crossed that someone reaches out and it gets resolved soon.


Hope everything works out! Sending good karma :smiling_face:


I have been using janitor for a while and I tried to use it to comfort myself but it said I had violated the policy and I would like to be able to use it again if anyone could help that would be very helpful

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Yes, you can reply to the relevant request for re-judgment in the message, and the system may review it again

HI @Jhart, did you end up resolving this issue? This happened to me yesterday as well and i’ve been given no reason on which policy i have violated :slight_smile: